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January 2015
UM Alumni: Top Stories from UMToday

Together, we raised $2M for students

Thanks to the generosity of the University of Manitoba Alumni Association and more than 1,700 alumni donors, a spectacular $2,177,714.02 was raised for graduate student support and the Active Living Centre!

Stepping forward with an incredible gift of $1 million in the summer of 2014, the Alumni Association challenged all alumni to match their support and double the potential of our students. The goal was enthusiastically met – and exceeded - in less than six months. Thank you to all those who participated!

The impact of this amazing outpouring of alumni support will be felt by nearly every student on our campuses. Read more...

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Alumni in Hong Kong demonstrate U of M’s influence around the world

U of M alumnus and pioneering crop scientist honoured by national museum

Top 10 community stories

Career Services helps students hone skills for professional opportunities

Christine Cyr selected to attend the prestigious 2015 Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference

Asper’s Aboriginal Business Education Partners program marks 20 years

U of M selected by CIHR to study depression, anxiety among patients with chronic inflammation diseases

Bringing the Arctic home: working with the Assiniboine Park Zoo to educate the public about climate change

Represent fellow graduates from your alma mater by serving on the University of Manitoba Board of Governors

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