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Downtown Winnipeg BIZ: Memo - The latest information for BIZ Members

Dear Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Member,

We know from feedback we’ve received from downtown businesses that safety is a top priority. You may remember that this summer, the Province announced an investment focused on improving health, well-being and safety throughout our downtown. As a key partner, Downtown Winnipeg BIZ is sharing some updates about the Downtown Community Safety Partnership (DCSP), a new organization that will enhance downtown outreach with a greater presence of highly trained teams. DCSP and its programs are an evolution of the successful safety and outreach programs started at the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ.

Teams are moving but service is staying the same

Starting today, the Downtown Watch team is transitioning to the Downtown Community Safety Partnership. There will be no disruptions in service, and as the DCSP moves forward, there will be enhancements to the program including 24/7 coverage. Late last month, the Community Homeless Assistance Team transitioned. Both teams, now called Connect and COAR, will be based in the Air Canada Building at 355 Portage Ave.

If you have a safety concern or need, you can continue to call 204-958-7233 for service.

Here’s a quick look at some details about the DCSP:

  • This new partnership will include 24/7 service and build on the same programs you know and trust. This extended service is expected to start later this year.

  • All DCSP team members will have specialized training and continue to work with other downtown outreach agencies.

  • The DCSP model will continue to develop based on collaboration, research, evaluation and rand deliver data-driven results.

  • The teams will have new uniforms and we look forward to sharing their new look soon.

We will continue to provide updates as the DCSP evolves and grows.

As always, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions:

Thank you,

Kate Fenske, CEO
Downtown Winnipeg BIZ