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Downtown Winnipeg BIZ: Memo - The latest information for BIZ Members

Dear Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Member,

We know members need support to make it through this challenging time. Today, we’re re-launching the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Connect Grant – a grant program to help you build capacity or adapt your business to generate revenue.

As you may recall, the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Connect Grant connects member businesses that need support with Downtown Winnipeg BIZ member experts who can provide it. Many businesses found success in the previous round of Connect Grants. Now, more businesses can benefit from this grant in similar ways.

Even if you’ve received a Connect Grant before, you are still eligible to apply.

Apply for the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Connect Grant

Apply for the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Connect Grant today!

The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Connect Grant is a services program designed to help small downtown businesses. Applicants select an area where they need to build capacity or adapt their business to help them generate revenue through the pandemic.

Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Connect Grant recipients will be connected with other businesses in the downtown area who can provide the service they need.

Some examples of services the grant can help with include:

  • Marketing/advertising/branding/graphic design

  • Web services, including adding an online selling platform to your website

  • Finance/accounting

  • HR, including staffing solutions and strategies

  • Legal services

  • IT support

  • Business strategy

To receive the full benefits from your Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Connect Grant, you can expect to spend some time working with your partner to help them better understand your business and your needs.

There are 25 grants available. Grants will be awarded to qualifying Downtown Winnipeg BIZ members on a first-come, first-served basis so we encourage you to apply soon.

To apply for the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Connect Grant and for more information, visit our website.

As always, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions:

Thank you,

Kate Fenske, CEO
Downtown Winnipeg BIZ