How age impacts youth sport, understanding an exercise prescription, success for women in sport, and more in edition of Sport for Life…
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How Relative Age and Developmental Age Effect Athlete Development

While it may seem like some young children are simply natural born athletes compared to other children the same age, there is often more to what you see. Relative age and developmental age play a large role in a child's physical development, and it's important to understand how and why.

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An Exercise Prescription Helps Fight Chronic Disease

It's easy to fill a prescription and take medication to fight disease, but what if your doctor gave you a prescription for exercise in order to fight chronic disease? We know it's important to be more active in order to prevent diseases like diabetes and heart disease, but unfortunately, an exercise prescription is often confusing to fill. This article has some great information to help shed light on the often daunting exercise prescription.

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Participation in Sport Leads to Greater Success For Women

The benefits of sport are endless, and beyond the physical and mental benefits we already know of, studies also show that women who played sports in their youth also experienced more success later in their lives and careers. This article from discusses how, in a time when many young women are dropping out of organized sports, participating in sport could actually be a key to future success.

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Tips on Fitting Exercise into Your Schedule

Adults ages 18-65 should get at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week, but sometimes it's easier said than done! From at-home YouTube workouts, to a lunchtime walk, ParticipACTION has some great tips on how to fit fitness into your crammed schedule.

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