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Dear Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Member,

You may have seen in the media last week that the City of Winnipeg has proposed a flexible work plan for some of its employees that would allow them to continue working remotely up to five days a week.

We understand the need for some employers to provide flexibility, but we also know that it’s important to have workers back downtown. According to the plan, 1,800 City employees can apply to work remotely between one and five days a week. We are asking the City to consider the long-term impacts on our downtown and find better solutions to supporting our downtown economy.

We’re advocating for the City to lead the way

It’s no secret that a strong and vibrant downtown is a key contributor to the overall strength of a city. The revenue generated here supports amenities across the entire city.

We’re concerned about what kind of message it sends if the City doesn’t lead the way by bringing its employees back at least part time. We are also asking the City to consider the long-term economic and social impacts of having fewer workers downtown, and the impact it will have on small businesses in our neighbourhood.

The people who make up our downtown community, which includes City workers, are what make the neighbourhood vibrant and safe.

Supporting downtown

This Wednesday, I’ll be speaking at Executive Policy Committee at City Hall to share the reasons why we want the City to lead the way in supporting downtown and the importance of having people in our community. From bringing workers back to growing our residential population and supporting events, arts and culture, the City plays a key role in the recovery of our downtown.

Share your thoughts and have your voice heard

Do you have something you’d like me to share about the impact on your business? Are you part of an organization who recently brought your workers back and had a positive experience? We would love to hear from you! You can share your story with the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ to help us advocate for downtown recovery by emailing us at

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As always, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions:

Thank you,

Kate Fenske, CEO
Downtown Winnipeg BIZ